Sometime last week, I accidentally delete my old blog. THE WHOLE THING. What was I thinking...? Emmm I wasn't thinking. Per Lulu, "Engriiiish is better." The URL that is. I have to agree. I went a little crazy with the header with some of my favorite things from the internet right now...as you can see. Hahahaha. I am working on editing my closet, you'll see some on eBay and what not. Maybe some on the blog as well. I was feeling too lazy to do it on my own when I decided to put the plan to action. I wanted to drop it off at a consignment store but figured...what the hell, it's not like I'm doing shit at home anyway!

Ok. So here is to a new blog!

I got this bracelet from Jack and have not taken it off. I probably won't be taking it off.