I ended up going to Alex's trunk show today on a whim. There were so many goods to be seen. Too many. I got a chance to talk to him about how much of a fan I am of his line. We talked about blogs of course and how I didn't say hi at Erin's show in NY! Duh, everyone wanted to say hi. I hear some people are getting sick of seeing AW, AW, AW everywhere but I am really a die hard fan of his line.

He is a total sweetheart in person and I can't wait to get my goodies!

Isn't this cutout blazer so great? It has square shaped studs along the sleeves and collar. It's very simple and structured. Oh and it runs small.

I was starving so I stopped by a Taiwanese place (one of my fav) with my gf and had some delicious noodles + dumplings.

Darn, ate the dumplings before I could snap a picture. OOPS!

By the way, this phone's battery life is terrible.
I can't wait to get my phone back.