Barneys & Yoox

Favorite shoes from what I saw, all in one.
I am still madly infatuated with the pink
Lanvins (on the last row) but I always gravitate towards black shoes on a daily basis, no matter what I wear. They can be my eye candy for now...I haven't seen the pink ones in person but they look great in pictures. Anyway, I went online to browse some for some flats after reading Nini's post on how Lanvin flats hurt the back of the foot so badly! So very true...the elastic on mine is still so tight even though I got them half a size up. My flats option are always my Chloe's but since they're boots, it can be a hassle to pair with an outfit. I'm looking for something much more simple, like the oxfords on the last row but come to think of it, laces are a hassle. I don't want sandals...I used to have some flats from GAP that I wore soooo much they had to be thrown away and since then, they haven't reproduced them! I'd love to hear some good suggestions...