Bf's tights (harharhar...), Zara shoes, Balmain jacket

I am a walking zombie right now. Daryl woke me up at the crack of dawn to get his walk since I decided to skip his night walk last night because I'd just bathed him and the complex's sprinklers went off (hello muddy paws!). It hurts my heart to wash him, (not to mention my back from slouching to bathe him!) and then have his snow white paws turn BLACK very shortly after. So, when I heard the sprinklers go off, I knew I'd probably have to get up early today because his paws were going to stay white for at least a night...and I was right. I also went to bed super late since I had to finish up packing! 

Finally got around getting these pictures taken. I only brought some light jeans with me and the whole outfit looked so washed out so I cheated on them with J's tights. 

Funny recollection...
Me: So, when you go into a store- how do you ask for these? Do you say, where is the tights section??!
J:...Yeah...cycling tights...
Me: Oh. *pause* HAHAHAHA.

I swear I am the most immature person ever sometimes but at least I know now. You know. If I ever want to get him another pair or something.

Off to dinner now!