I used to be quite the makeup junkie back in my college ays and after a while of not wearing muc other than your usual eyeliner and lip gloss or lipstick, I find myself wearing some more products from day to day. I try not to put on too muc since the removing proecess can be quite painful (or I'm just lazy!) but here are some of my current favorites by Urban Decay. Isn't it so much easier to carry a palate than a few individual eye shadows? Especially if you're on the run and going to do your makeup in the car. Fessss up, I know a lot of us do that!

My friends at Urban Decay sent me some Pocket God lip glosses. They may look a little cheesy but that's the fun of it! It's all about the eye candy peeps. I hear that Colin won the last contest- check it out here. Congrats to Rumi and Colin ♥ You 2 are the ultimate duo!

Oh yess- 30% off friends and family deal is on right now!