My for Hello Kitty phase

When I was in college, I went through a I FREAKIN' LOVE HELLO KITTY phase 2. Phase 1 was during the years I lived in Hong Kong. Most of my childhood memories revolve around Hello Kitty. My family's go to spot on the weekends was Jusco. It was always so much fun visiting. Not only did they have the most amazing and fresh sushi, but also a large selection of all things Hello Kitty. Rice cooker, pots, pans, pens, erasers...the list goes on! Side note: I remember the clock in their food court goes off every hour and the entire mall population stops what they're doing to watch it. So, a few years ago-when the very talented Tarina Tarantino introduced the Pink Head collection, I was immediately smitten. Sometimes, we like to cling on to those great memories. I know I do. If I ever have a daughter, I hope she likes HK (Hong Kong & Hello Kitty)!

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