Thank you for sending me these pictures (you know who you are)!! Like I said, I don't have my own camera. Should sell some shoes and invest in one, no? I don't NEED all these shoes. What I need is my own camera.

I've been having some deep thoughts on my spending habits lately. There are so many things in life that are so much more important than say...fashion? Running a household is expensive. Groceries are expensive. Wild vs. farm raised. Organic vs. non organic. Cleaning products that are 0.99 at Walmart (which btw I hate...) vs. an environmentally friendly cleaner that's $4 at an organic market. Car and health insurance is expensive. Gas. Electricity. Maintaining a vehicle. Gosh, living is expensive. Does a dress, a pair of shoes, and a bag matter that much considering all of the above?

Sure, fashion is a form of art. Since I do not have any artistic talents, I buy. I buy art. That's the closest to art that I'll ever be. I don't know how to draw, design, play, or make anything. Thank God I speak more than one language fluently or I'd be doomed. DOOMED and without a job.
So what say you, tumor, please don't ruin it for me, yeah?

Having a pet is also expensive. That's if you, em, don't leave him/her in the backyard tied to a tree like some crazy people do/have done. Animal activists in SoCal have become all too familiar with this topic. A friend of a friend knocks on people's doors whose homes have been foreclosed on to collect the key *sad face*, told me that he's found all too many dogs, abandoned in their yards with disgusting food (if you can even call it that) AND tied to a tree or fence.

Being that I would never tie my little Daryl to some tree in our yard (er, we don't even have one), he is indeed quite an expensive baby to have. I do not feed him generic dog food and that, is expensive. Thankfully he is small so his portions are small. It does add up after a while though. But I love him. And...I think he loves me?

The store that I am working to launch does not have a launch date any more. I've run into way too many hiccups that I've decided to scratch off the launch date and go from there.

I am working on cleaning out my closet next. I mean so clean that I will actually be able to move the hangers around. After I find out about my prognosis, which I am very hopeful about...I feel that it will be a new beginning for me.

No more buying for the sake of buying and being a shopaholic, no more. I have to admit, it took me a long time to come to where I am today.

I am feeling quite overwhelmed with life right now...here's my to do list
  • Paint the house
  • Work on website
  • Clean out my closet
  • Find new furniture
  • Unpack boxes from our move, place is still a mess :(
  • Go to doctor
  • Fill out medical insurance forms (more like a book)
  • Work on website
  • Work on website
  • Work on website
  • Work on website
  • Work on website
  • Work on website
All that and I am still sleeping 12 hours (not consecutive..) a day because I feel so fatigued. I need to update my cancer blog so badly, if only there were more hours in a day...

I wonder who will read all this? I am such a wordy person. J told me so. And duh, it shoes shows. Wow I typed shoes. WOW.

Here's the last bit of pictures I have from Fashion Week. Postings will be slower on here, but I started a tumblr account a while back ago, nothing extraordinary but J's undying love was my inspiration to start a blog on, well, love. Click here to see it.

I Terry Richardson

Nini, Tommy, and Hanh

Susie, babygirl Tavi, and Hanh. Aren't they all gorgeous?

Changing out of shoes that were KILLING me and into my Chloe's. Telling Tavi something LOL worthy...I think? Her shoes were TDF by the way. Go ask her about them.