I'm unloading a few pairs of shoes that haven't gotten much love from me lately. I will always love the Chloe Susans but my style and taste are evolving. Although I love studs and spikes, I am moving onto more girly and frilly things. I've been reading up and trying on the type of clothing flatters my figure lately and after years of having made the mistake of 'ohh that looks good on her.' CLICK. BUY. I gained some weight early this year and have been shedding some pounds since I started working out and have become vegan in the process. So...here is to the lucky girl who will end up with my beloved Susans and Chloe mummy boots. I will be listing more shoes next week. My calves are sort of big for my height (thanks to sports...) so they're not all that flattering on me with everything...and I want to be able to wear my shoes with everything!

I'm coveting a few good pairs but I will only post these since my list is kind of extensive...Chrissie Morris...they are so beautiful!