Since we moved into our new place, Jack and I have not had any time to clean it up because of our insanely hectic schedules. We bought the paints for the entire house but only managed to get the living room painted because of this....or that. Our tastes are so different when it comes to fashion and decor. Between he and I, I used to be the wild child. Now, I like to opt for the conservative choice. Our old apartment had some sparks of neon decor here and there while most of our furniture was very conservative and modern. For our new place, I wanted something classic yet modern...and Jack wanted crazy bright colors. I don't know what got into him! Our place had ugly, pepto pink carpet when we moved it. It was so depressing.

We managed to rip it all out and had laminate floors installed throughout the house. Not much progress has been made since we were driving to the hospital for my treatments everyday, then he had a family emergency abroad...and then an internship at a clinic...and now he's back in Hong Kong again...and before we know it, I will be going back to work and will not have any time to clean the house. What a nightmare!

I really wish someone from Extreme Home Makeover would come over and give me a hand. It's so hard to have to juggle a million things at once! Ty, help!!!

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful images with Phillip Stark decor.

The ultimate bedroom!

Such a fun chair!