Nail Art

Color me mine
Is it possible to make a nail polish that's organic? Is it necessary? Every company has to have a story, a selling point on why you should use their product versus the other guy. Nowadays, many companies go with the "natural" or "organic" sell because that's what consumers want more of these days. I think that these companies also realize that most consumers don't read ingredients or questions when a product doesn't come with ingredients. Most people read the front and if it states that it's natural, that's the end of the story.

All too often, we expect the smell from the polish, we want it to dry quickly and not chip off too soon. There are some nasty ingredients in some polishes, like formaldehyde, toulene and dibutyl phthalates. Some of these ingredients have been linked to birth defects and other issues, but I gotta tell you, I've heard and read the stats, but never seen the proof. So I wonder, is it worth it to hunt down and use natural nail polish? Or better yet, why not let your nails go au natural? I finally caved and went into research mode on natural polishes as well as polish remover...you can get these at your local Wholefoods or even online. It hurt a little when I decided to toss ALL my nailpolishes, but, I imagine it's for the better?
Below are the polishes I got. Girls still want to have fun.
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