I received the Fashion Is Poison dress from Modcloth a few days ago. Looking forward to wearing it very soon! Thank you for the gifts and the interview- so nice of you.

Careful examination (yes, and obsessing about it- must I add) of my closet has been excessively done lately by yours truly. Making note of what fits me well and flatters my body type as well as getting rid of things I haven't touched, let alone used- in months, is such a nice change. Had this new change not happened, I am very positive I could be cast on the show Hoarders. A few months ago, I was really into fluffy, obnoxiously colored pieces. Today, I have a new-found appreciation for very simple silhouettes. Transitioning from having been off work for a year to going back to the office has been making me go a bit nuts in the mornings. Most of these picks you see below are things I would incorporate with my office attire or wear on a Friday. Now, excuse me because the Crescendolls + Blouse is calling my name. So very Vivienne Westwood, no?