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Happy Easter!

As a child, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not because I was ready to stuff my face with consume my little basket of chocolates, but because cracking cascarones on my friends and vice versa- was always so much fun. Ok, I'll admit it, I think I may just have been looking forward to crack it on my latest crush. Oh the life of an 11 year old! Anyway, back to topic...while I may not be cracking eggs with confetti on my friends anymore, I wanted to share some of the culture I was exposed to in Guatemala while growing up there.


This is a great DIY for those who want to celebrate Easter on a budget and spend time with family

  • Tap the wide end of the egg with a paring knife. Use light pressure to avoid cracking the whole eggshell. Continue to tap on the eggshell until you have created a dime-sized hole.
  • Insert the knife into the egg and break the egg’s yolk. Place a bowl under your egg, and poke the egg yolk with the tip of your knife so the egg yolk can drain out.
  • Clean out the eggshell. Run a slow stream of water into the hole and rinse out any remaining egg residue. Repeat if necessary, and gently wipe the outside of the eggshell with a cloth. Allow the egg to air dry.
  • Decorate your egg! Make sure to only apply light pressure with the tools of your liking (brushes for me) and decorate the egg any way you wish. Use glitter, embellishments, stickers- anything goes! I like mine bold and bright.
  • Pinch some confetti with your fingers and put it into the hole at the bottom of the egg. If you want to go all out, out some glitter in there but let me warn you that whoever you crack the glitter on may take days to wash it off their head!
  • Cut a small piece of tissue paper but big enough to cover the hole of the egg. Attach the tissue paper to the glue surrounding the hole. Remember to be gentle.

You can certainly use a needle to make the hole on the eggshell and the size of the hole is upon your discretion. Remember that the key is to just have fun!


And now, if you want to go all out on Easter, get a piƱata and you'll definitely be busy this weekend!