Want vs. Need

Is it Christmas yet? Oh...I guess not...but we are only 6 months away. I made a wish list for things I've been lurking on the web lately. I must be in my 'currently obsessed with everything panda' phase right now. I also figured, that perhaps I should start making my own ice cream, since I eat so much of it anyway. So much that my mom told me someone died from eating too much ice cream. I googled the story to no avail. I'm pretty sure it was a lie to deter me from stuffing my face with ice cream. I might be moving again soon and started looking for some things that I might find useful.

1. iPhone Skin 2. JC XENON 3. Panda in My Bowl 4. Joe's Jeans Brenda Platforms 5. I'm a Little Panda Pot
6. Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker 7. Literal Bookends 8. I'm Beginning to Tree the Light