Thread Sence

Vintage Nine West Boots, old denim jeans, Gentle Fawn Parka, Delivery Run Messenger Bag, Beige Crop Tank

I went over to the Thread Sence headquarters a few days ago for a photo shoot. It was so much fun! Even little Daisy got in on the action. We had so much fun running around the warehouse.

I picked out this parka since I've never been a parka kind of girl...kind of really love it being that it's so different from any other jacket or coat that I already own. Totally ready to battle the colder days that are ahead of SoCal with it.

The boots are an absolute dream come true...minus the meticulous laces. I found them at a consignment store a few years ago and wore them on Halloween as a girl scout and they'd been sitting in my closet since because the soles needed a little mending. I
finally (read: 3 years later) took them to my shoe repair man to get them resoled. He couldn't even believe that they are by Nine West himself. So, now I've got myself a 'new' pair of boots to wear this season.

Thank you Thread Sence for having me!