Weight gain. A problem I never thought I'd encounter in my life because I've always been stick thin. But, it comes with the territory of getting older or, in my case, getting sick, but I have come to terms to accept it. I used to be a measly 105 lbs when I started college and gained almost 30 pounds after going through radiation almost 2 years ago.

Most of us who gain an uncontrollable amount of weight are conscious of it-- we whine, we hate the way our belly pops out of our jeans, how our old favorite jeans just don't seem to zip anymore-- yet, we find ourselves doing just that, whine.

After having gone on a vegan diet for a few months last year and subsequently switching to an 'as much organic as possible' diet per my friend Arin's recommendation as well as submerging myself in lots of literature about what exactly is a healthy diet, which is clearly topic that we won't ever seem to agree to.

Grains- ugh, we have a love/hate relationship. I never knew how much of a grain lover I am I mean, was. Why sure, I would be more than happy to devour that banana bread my coworker makes. Hmmm the chocolate muffins at Wholefoods are sooo yummy! Fine, I'll take the blueberry one instead. Only because it's 'healthier'. But, is it really?! Did you get a chance to check out the nutritional facts on that happy-go-lucky mainstream cereal box?

I compiled some links and videos that are floating around on the inter-webs for your viewing pleasure (displeasure for me) and information.

Remember this commercial?

More material to read and watch:
I have put myself to the challenge of kissing grains goodbye, and, I am not going to lie- it is very hard. Being Asian, we almost live for rice. I, personally, love pasta entrees. But, being on this diet and wanting to loose my little kangaroo pouch really means--no rice, no pasta, no bread. Passing through the bread, the cakes, and pasta aisles have been a definite FML moment. I've undoubtedly cheated here and there with 'just a bite/little piece' and I know that I really want to live a healthier lifestyle, so, I am putting myself on blast here to hold myself accountable.

And finally, here are some beautiful pictures taken...of this earth's beloved products that can be so bad for us when we consume an excessive amount of them:

Frosted flakes. Suuuuuugar!
(that'll just plain kill you)

Delicious colored grains...does it get any better than this?!

What's your take on this topic?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions!