This video clearly stirs up a lot of controversy-- especially because we all probably only have one degree of separation from cancer and because those of us who trust our medical system do not know better than, well, trust what our doctors tell us.

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this...other than the fact that through my medical trials and tribulations, I have learned to always question what I am told. Always Google alternative options. It's sort of like one of those trick questions that test your IQ-- what is 1+1? Is it 2, or is it 11?!

What I will say though, is, why aren't videos like these broadcast more often through our media-- more often, than say, the stupid and unimportant event that took place at the corner of Spring and 10th Ave that really has no importance whatsoever to 99.9% of the American population that tuned into Chanel X? There should be a channel dedicated to 'news' about who Justin Bieber is dating, the new haircut that Britney just got, what Arnold said to Maria during his latest press conference, and how they caught the 10 year old that kept calling 9-11 as a prank. While some of us may enjoy watching those 'fun news', there may also be other times when we actually want to get real news.

While the question of 'free press' is something that I rule almost non-existent, I remain thankful to have freedom of speech. Thank goodness for that.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.