Arm Candy


Now that I have donated, chucked, and got rid of TONS of things that I acquired over the last 12 years, I realize that I am finally fully committed to making smarter purchases from this point on. That means, no adding unless I am removing something from the closet. An addition has got to be something I lovelovelove, cannot stop thinking about, and should wear VERY often- especially if it's an investment piece. If Santa brings me one of these, I will make him 2 cups of hot chocolate and an entire sheet of freshly baked cookies. These 10 are high on my arm candy list ;)

1. Dannijo: Mak
2. Dannijo: Olivia
3. Dannijo: Harlow ID
4. Cartier Tank Solo
5. Dannijo: Frances
6. Berenice
7. H Hour
8. Dannijo: Taylor
9. Dannijo: Tevi
Dandy Pavane