I just discovered this blog- very cool collection of shoe pictures. Speaking of shoes, I LOVE these. Kind of crazy right? I wonder who's going to be carrying them...I'd love to see what the heel looks like.

via shoelust

Today I bought this skirt- at FOREVER21! It's probably one of the best F21 purchases I've made in a while.
I tried one some other lace/fluffy skirts but this one fit me best.

via Forever21

ETA (Jack insists it only means estimate time of arrival...)

I'm in Dallas for a few days and got to hang out with the Jane, Judy, and Carol while in town. They are all sooo absolutely sweet and fun! We all got some goodies that you'll probably see soon. Jane introduced me to the Custo-Barcelona store- I got this nightgown looking dress that I'll have to figure out how to wear & not look like I'm going to zZzz...

Sorry girls, have to use your pictures for now!

I got so many stares for wearing these shoes O_O

I loved the skirt so much I had to wear it right away. Jane's necklace is soo cool!

Yummie frozen yogurt to top the day!