I've been on a hunt for jewelry that I'd wear everyday. Particularly rings...

My mailbox got bombarded with emails asking who makes the ring I posted yesterday...it's by Melissa Joy Manning- I found it at 4510 in Texas.

While at 4510, I was also introduced to the jewelry line by Rosa Maria. Her work is very subtle and delicate- most of the ones I saw at the boutique are not sold on any websites I browsed.

Here's a picture of mine...

It kind of looks like a soda tab? Here's a better picture of what the front of the ring looks like.


I think this one is cool, too...though I don't buy things with messages that I do not relate to...


Since my Givenchy sold, I've had a 2 replacements in mind.

Condenter number 1...YSL besace


And number 2...PS1

media on sugar

One of the 1st things I said about this bag is that I wouldn't get it because of the hype behind anything the Olsens touch...right...
After using the Givenchy for a while now + being a bag stuffer- I am in dire need of something I can wear around my shoulder and one that's big enough to hold my belongings...

PS- just updated the shop