Yet another really old A&F jacket, Vivienne Westwood maryjanes, H&M night gown, Zara belt, random jewelry

My little brother is on Spring Break and spending a few days with me and snapped this for me this morning with my camera- hence the mediocre quality. Lighting is off.

We went to Target to get some racks so I can get organized. It's a lot of work.....! I decided to wear these Vivienne Westwood maryjanes since they haven't gotten a chance to get out in a
long time. That made me have 2nd thoughts about selling them so I'll have to sleep on it.

I want to thank everyone for their sweet emails about my diagnosis. I'm so sorry if I haven't replied just yet but I will! I have yet to start treatment but Jack & I will be starting a blog on my type of cancer soon. It'll probably become a diary of my treatment once and if I do go forward with radiation. I'll be sure to post it on here.
Thank you!!