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Vintage cuff, Rosa Maria rings, Elizabeth & James ring, Conquer bracelet, and sleezy t-shirt from bf's closet.

Is it weird that I cradle Daryl like a baby? He hates it but lets me do it anyway...especially when he's sleepy like he was when I snapped this picture. I have a funny Daryl story...

I found him on the penny saver 5+ years ago. I called the owner and we met at a local mall. She brought her little cousin who had already named him 'Daryl' and as Daryl vanished into the air with me (I think that's what it looked like to her...) she kept saying, "Bye Daryl...bye Daryl...bye bye Daryl..." and I could hear her voice crack by the second. It broke my heart! I felt soooo guilty and bad that I was taking her little Daryl away.

When I got home, my younger brothers shouted some absurd suggestions as to what we should name him...in frustration, I told them he'd already been named Daryl and that was the end of the story. No, we're not going to call him Trash, Stupid, or Poo Poo. Proof that boys can be so immature.

One day, I took Daryl to a pet store to look for his supplies and there was an old man calling out his wife. "Carol.....Carol.....Carol, where are you, Carol?" and Daryl just kept following him from one isle to another, probably wanting to say, "I'm right here!!"