Dear American Apparel,

I just can't get enough of you. I never will.


Taghrid wore this beautiful floral dress to the blogger event at Urban. I thought it was a Topshop piece but when she told me American Apparel is making it, I got sooo excited. She looks like a Barbie in it. The print is perfect & so is the fabric. I can't wait to see what other patterns will be made.

For now, a bikini swimsuit and high waisted leggings are up on the site. 
A body swimsuit is coming soon...I would so wear it with jeans or a skirt (even if I'm not going swimming/diving into the water/sun bathing).

If you're obsessed with all things floral, looking for some color, or simply wanting to add more floral pieces to your wardrobe- they are definitely worth a look! 

Once again. Excuse my crappy "collage".