I was supposed to go out to dinner out in LA last nightt but stayed in because of the fires and rain...my step & sculpt class was the outing's substitute along with some movies, fruit parfait, and youtube.

I know Lady GaGa gets so much crap for her fashion 'mishaps' but can't we just appreciate someone who has fun dressing up?
 Some people take fashion too seriously...when there are clearly way more important things to worry about.

via yahoo images

In other news...I've started to do some packing for our move. I uncovered some old vintage belts of mine & some more jewelry that I fell in love with all over again. We really need a bigger space for storage so I can see everything all at once and not stack upon one another. 

I wore my crazy Indian inspired belt yesterday with a vintage silk white button down, Levi's  cutoffs, and stolen girlfriend's cobweb tights :D Sorry for the crappy shot..it'll have to suffice until next week :O