Don't you just love it when you discover a new line, hidden and wedged between the 3 dubyahs?
I stumbled upon Marquis & Camus and was immediately smitten by their beautiful, drapery, and TO-DIE-FOR (IMO) jewelry. My top pick is their modern rebel bracelet. There are actually two of them, you can see the other one here. Their vintage mesh watch is beautiful...and it's ONE OF A KIND! Really, go and take a look at their site. You might go as crazy as I did. There are only a handful of stores that carry the line BUT if items are purchased through the site itself, buyer gets a free repair for up to a year free of charge. My favorites are the red carpet necklace, victorian rebel necklace, vintage button necklace, the oh so versatile vintage key and chandelier crystals chain that can be worn both as a belt and necklace, vintage key with swarovski necklace, the European silk hand dyed bias ribbon necklace, and the mixed vintage and contemporary chain brooch. Unrelated question...how many times did I type the word NECKLACE?

I was extremely lucky to get in touch with Marquis & Camus' marketing team to offer you lovely readers a $20 off code with ANY purchase! All you have to do is enter the code "FashionIsPoison" at checkout and you'll save $20. Should you have any problems at checkout, just send me a shout and I'll get back to you.

Now you'll have to excuse me...I have to go wipe off my chin from drooling over their one of a kind vintage mesh watch and the modern rebel bracelet....(oh so lady-like...)