Ever have one of those weeks that just drain the life out of you? I just had one of those. So let's see...here are some highlights...

  • Finished my 1st week of radiation therapy
  • Received my ACNE Atacoma wedges
  • Tried on the Diego bag by A. Wang and died a little
  • Started getting ready for a few trips coming up next month
  • Moved out of apt.
  • Moved into new place
  • Packed, cleaned, and stressed out about moving
  • Haven't started losing my hair yet
  • Worked on shopfashionispoison
On top of that, sort of HAD to read a stupid comment from someone who
  1. Does not know how to spell correctly
  2. Most likely doesn't know how to read either
  3. Knows nothing about me yet makes assumptions AND comments on things they have the slightest idea about
  4. Has zero sense of humor
  5. Should probably get a life
  6. Should really go take a walk
I mean, if someone with a tumor has to teach you how to spell, something has got to be wrong with you. Right? Harhar- that is another joke. Humor is what gets us going on a daily basis, especially when things aren't alright. Without it, you might as well rot to death with a frown on. That is my opinion anyway.

My dearest friend S sent me yet anther TDF Margiela piece. She's the Margiela stock queen! I am sort of cheating my Raquel piece but they are both so different, I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite. Yes, yes- it's a 'knock-off' but really, what came 1st- the chicken or the egg? I mean, Penfound or Margiela? This blazer is really great looking in person. It's one of the items you'll be seeing on shopfashionispoison.

Vintage Levi's, MMM shirt, vintage sequined blazer, Chloe shoes