I flew into NYC late last night for the Weardrobe blogger conference and was delighted to be greeted by my awesome roomies- Katy, Krystal, and Rebecca although it was midnight when I got into the hotel. I had a connecting flight from Phoenix to NYC after having gone to my last treatment of the week (YESSS!!) so it was merely 12 pm when I hopped on the plane. I had a 2 hour wait in between and ate my heart out during that time- also broke my magazine ban and got suckered into purchasing one. I was quite disappointed that I forgot my oh so fobby-lous Hong Kong mags at home so I purchased Elle after searching frantically at the store for one that was thick enough to keep me entertained (even if it meant that it was 80% ads!). Oh I also bought some dark chocolate.

We got up early today, got breakfast (thanks Fredflare!) and headed out for a day of shopping. We hit up Jessica's favorite thrift store- Beacon's closet. The selection was pretty amazing, but I have to say that I was quite disappointed with some of the folks that work there (AKA rude). Anyway, I found some gems there that you'll see soon. Then, we headed to Buffalo Exchange and woooow- the staff there (guy with fully tattooed arm) was really nice. I was too tired to keep sifting through anything really so I went out to get something to drink. I found this aaaaamazing little organic market just around the corner. We then headed to the Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg.

After that, we hit up Third Ward for a DIY session, sponsored by PacSun. We cut, we ripped, and we slashed denim like I'd never seen before. Fun times! I did take some pictures of my own, but I am just too lazy to upload (I'll do it when I get home) so I am sneaking some pictures from Weardrobe. By mere coincidence, I ran into Genie at the market. Can't wait to see you when I go back girl! FUUUUN times. Going to get some zZzzs now.