Daisy Dukes

Daddy....is that you?! I can't see sh*t...

5 mins later...

I see you, I see you!!

Mom & Dad said I can use "Stud's" bowl

Is this what they call "glamor shots"?

Panda eyes

Race ya!

Sooo hungry!

Big brother & I getting to know each other...

We are so blessed to have run into this little bundle of joy. We'd already named her way before we even had her. After months of countless searching at Shih Tzu rescues to no avail, we ran into Daisy...she came in a Chinese cup o' noodle box, wheeled on a cart by an old Chinese man while my family and I were waiting to be seated. The second I saw her, I ran out of the restaurant. I don't think I have ever had such a great eagle eye. I saw her from a mile away and fell in love...and of course, brought her home.