2009 has by far been the most challenging year in my 25 year old life. I can hardly believe that it has nearly been a year since I was diagnosed with brain cancer. I recall the doctor shutting the door behind him before giving me the news that I would be transported via ambulance immediately, like it happened 5 seconds ago. I cannot begin to describe the metamorphosis I went through the following 6 months, both mentally and physically. But, I will say that this event has put a lot of things in perspective for me following the initial 6 months. It certainly gave me a big slap on the face, reminding me of how fortunate I am to have such an amazing guy by my side that was more than willing to ride along this roller coaster with me, a family that loves me, no matter how broken it may seem to be on some days, and friends that stuck by me even though I stopped drinking and wanting to stay out too late like old times. Life is so very short. So enjoy it to the best of your ability no matter the price tag on your shoes and clothes. $10, $100, $1000- if you are reading this, you have access to a computer. So many others on the other side of the world hardly have access to clean water and basic human rights. Here are some images from Life that I thought captured 2009 for me very well. War. Global warming. Animals' rights. Health. Life...the list goes on.

Here is to a great New Year for the entire world.