Coming soon to Fashion Is Poison

I'm working with a few jewelry makers with beautiful pieces for the store and am so excited to be doing so! If only I had 100 fingers and toes...oh and 10 arms, so I could keep it all! Not a pretty sight, huh? You get the picture of how happy I am with the results of their work!

Here are some amazing handmade (with love!) necklaces that you will be seeing soon. The site will have a blog about all things that are in store and this blog will continue to be my own blog...about my dogs, things that inspire me, things that I like/covet and occasionally some outfit posts.

So here's some beautiful jewelry that the store will be selling. I will probably be borrowing some to wear from time to time. I mean, come on, it'll be so hard not to! The store will also sell things that are not necessarily my style, but that I know look chic on others. Ah interning at a trend forecasting firm paid off!

Prices for the necklaces like the ones shown below will range between $300-$600. Every single necklace is handmade is one of a kind.

Since I disabled comments, you are welcome to email me or tweet me your thoughts, if you feel so inclined :)

I will slowly be revealing some of the things that will be in store soon. The designers' name and details will be revealed when the site launches in Spring 2010.

For those of you have emailed and asked for price ranges of the store's goods..and if I missed your email...the site will have very affordable vintage to couture vintage. Expect to see cute, trendy, classic...everything that your heart desires! Prices will vary from $50 and up. For the ladies who love designer vintage/designer couture, you're in luck! I have some amazing Chanel ready to wear in store that is simply TO DIE FOR.

And now...I'm off to pack for a long day ahead.

Here's some eye candy for you! ;)