I am so excited about this line- it's forged from 100% reclaimed metals. The story behind how the designers got started on this line is actually very intriguing. That, too, of course, will be revealed when the store launches.

My state of mind lately has been to recycle, recycle, and recycle. From our plastic bags, paper plates, and even plastic utensils to buying soaps and house-ware items that are environmentally friendly. It can get a little tedious and it drives my boyfriend insane. I have things (or trash, if you ask him- all categorized and organized in my own mind) laying on our kitchen counter and I yell out "THAT'S NOT TRASH!" when he picks it up...so when I found out about the jewelry below, I got very excited. This is probably the part where Jack rolls his eyes at me.

Did you know that elephants have long been associated with royalty and sexual power?

The turtle is the oldest symbol for planet earth to be used in Native American Mythology. Thought to be a deep representation of Mother Earth the turtle shell
is thought to add protection to anyone who uses its symbolism.


Seahorse- I wish our men would give birth to babies like these nice creatures do