Jack visited Hong Kong and Japan just 2 weeks ago with his family. He brought back a memory card full of beautiful pictures. He actually started a tumblr account but it's not quite ready yet. I'm sure it's okay that I post them on my blog.

Japan is definitely on my must-visit before I turn 30 list.

On the plane...

The Japanese believe that frogs mean good luck

In the bay, there are two rocks sitting side-by-side, one large, one smaller- known as Meoto-iwa (the Wedded Rocks). Two rocks are tied together by shimenawa, ceremonial rope that is made of entwined and twisted rice straw and is used to mark off sacred or purified areas, and you can often see it on the gates of shrines. One of these ropes is suspended between the rocks and serves as a torii, a type of gateway that demarcates the precincts of Futami Okutama Jinja.

A supermarket

This is a wooden bridge. Look how nicely kept it is! I'm guessing there's either high security, or no vandals whatsoever in that area...

The Temple

The temple was like a giant outdoor market


Looks like a lion

Absolutely love this picture!

Toro- I'll have to pass on this one. Sorry!

Cutting tuna...

These remind me of my years in Hong Kong. Waiting for the school bus was always fun because these toy machines are almost everywhere in Asia. They do not look like the ones I've seen here at all!

Osaka at night

Red light district

Osaka Castle, constructed 1598. Water surrounding the outer walls.

Machines that dispense hot drinks

So glad my strawberries are not $100 dollars a pound!

I am off to finish packing for SF to spend the weekend with my family!