Two For The Road

The shoes below are yet another preview of what you'll be able to purchase from the store. The Badgley Mischka's are so beautiful and feminine. The perfect touch for a lady! The black pair on the left are Balenciaga and the fuschia boots are Louboutin. If you're a size 5 you might just be in luck.


Here are another 2 pair that I got courtesy of Prada/Miu Miu. The ones in the middle are my Casadei pregnant shoe. It's my current obsession without any rotation whatsoever. It's buttery soft and pale- perfect to wear with my obnoxious bright outfits lately. Speaking of outfits, sorry for the slowdown on outfit posts recently- I've honestly been living in sweats, you know, working really really hard on getting the store kicked off. You're probably so sick of me mentioning it but it's the truth!


I got a major haircut, the long hair was missed when I didn't have it anymore but I got so used to having short hair for a while that I just had to chop it off with the heatwave.
Heatwave + long hair = heavy feeling head = NOT A GOOD FEELING.
If ever I need it to grow, I'll just do what I did last time.