A Moment Like This


This moment is mine.
I live for this moment.
I will make the most of this moment.
I choose to be happy.
I am not going to worry about the future.
I am not going to regret the past.
I am leaving behind all the hurts
that I've carried with me.
I forgive everyone I felt has hurt me.
I forgive myself for hurting someone else.
I choose to be happy because
This moment is mine.
I will share my happiness with everyone
who shares this moment with me,
for when I share my happiness,
I feel good about myself,
and my happiness will grow.
I can share this happiness
without expecting anything in return.
If it's returned I'll feel happy.
But if it isn't,
I'll still feel happiness,
Because I shared my happiness,
And my happiness comes from within me.
I choose to be happy,
For this moment, is mine.

-Robert Alan