Not exactly your most 'fashionable' choice but my friend Kate introduced me to Toms about 2 years ago while I watched her and her bf order them online for their multiple trips abroad. Since then, I bit my clicking fingers until now that I am getting ready for a trip to Hawaii very soon. I started following Toms' on twitter one day and became more and more convinced that these are the absolute right pair of shoes I should get for Jack and I for our anticipated trip. Maybe even for my entire family but I've gotta make sure they'll wear them! I don't normally like wearing flip flops (hello dry skin!) and duh, who is going to brave out Hawaii in heels?! Not me....so, these are seriously the best option I can think of! I love the concept behind the line- buy a pair and a pair goes to a child in need. Having grown up in a 3rd world country, I know just how it is to see a barefooted child out on the streets. Kudos to Tom and sorry it took me so long! Sometimes, it's the circumstances in our lives that make us realize the important things we should do...

So, I am getting us the white ones so I can doodle on them and the bright colored ones for J ;)

Raych just told me about this!